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Staying Safe with COVID-19

At Kuhiawaho, your health and safety is very important to us, therefore we are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy while visiting and working at Kuhiawaho. Listed below is a detailed list of our new guidelines and protocol to help you better understand the slight changes we've made to make your experience with Kuhiawaho as best at it could possibly be!


We kindly ask that you self-screen before your arrival and stay home if you are even feeling the slightest bit unwell. If a friend/family member/or someone you've been in contact with is currently diagnosed with COVID-19, or shows signs/symptoms of COVID-19, we also ask that you stay home and prevent the possible spread to those around you. If you are well and showing no signs or symptoms, please bring a mask with you to wear for the entire duration of your visit.


All entering/exiting protocol will be done with masks and socially distant from other volunteers. 

All participating volunteers will be screened with a temperature check upon arrival and will be asked to complete a short self-screening survey on your phone via a QR code/link provided by Kuhiawaho. We ask that you use your own mobile device for sanitary purposes, BUT if no mobile devices are available for use, we will have an iPad at Kuhiawaho for volunteers to use and we will be sanitizing in between users. ​ ​​

Multiple sanitation stations (sanitizers, and soap & water stations) will be available for use at any time.

Please bring your own water bottles and avoid sharing with other volunteers. A water bottle is highly recommended to bring while working in or being in the sun for extended periods of time and bringing your own can prevent the possible spread of COVID-19.


Thank you for following our new guidelines recommended by the CDC. We believe these will be the most effective ways to keep us all safe. If for some reason you feel unwell after your visit and believe you have contracted COVID-19 OR think you could have had it during your time at Kuhiawaho, please contact us as soon as possible to reach out to anyone and everyone who could have also contracted the virus.

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